latihan soal Past tense dan Past perfect tense

Complete the blank using the words in the box ! ddl

didn’t realise      discovered      had been playing           had broken      heard        hurt      jumped      killed      looked               phoned      ran      saw      tried        was happening      was playing            watching      went       were driving      were escaping   

Exercise 1. While I ______(1)(play) football I ___(2)(hurt) my leg. However, until I ___(3)(see) a doctor I ______(4)(not realise) that I _____ (5)(break) it. 

Exercise 2. The police _____ (6)(go) to the bank after a neighbour _____(7)(phone) to tell them what _______(8)(happen). They soon ______(9)(discover) that the robbers ______(10)(escape) in a stolen car. The men _____(11)(kill) one of the guards who_____ (12)(try) to stop them as they _______(13)(drive) away. The guard ______(14)(jump) out in front of them but they just ___(15)(run) over him. 

Exercise 3.Suddenly they ____(16)(hear) a strange noise and ____(17)(look) at each other in terror. All evening they ___________(18)(play) cards and _____________(19)(watch) television without thinking of the ghost.


answer 1. was playing 2. hurt 3. saw 4. did not realise 5.had broken 6.went 7. phoned 8. was happening 9. discovered 10. were escaping 11.killed 12. tried 13. were driving 14. jumped 15. ran 16. heard 17. looked 18. had been playing 19. watching


NB: actually, i found this material in a website while i was searching this material to my students, but- unfortunately i forgot the link of the website. I re-write again all the question and put a picture there, then i also write the answer. Hope, it will be usefull for ya!


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