Latihan soal dan jawaban:Tenses

Preset past
Complete the sentences. Use one of these forms: the present simple, past simple, present continous, past continous.
1. You can turn off the television. I am not watching (not/watch) it.
2. Last night, Jenny fell (fall)asleep while she was reading (read).
3. Listen! Somebody _________(play) the piano.
4. Have you got my key? ‘ No, I __________(give) it back to you’.
5. David is very lazy. He ________(not/like) hard work.
6. Where _______(your parents/go) for their holidays last year?
7. I _________(see) Diane yesterday. She ____________(drive) her new car.
8. A: What _________(you/do) at 6 o’clock last Sunday morning?
B: I was in bed asleep.
9. A: _____________(you /watch) television very often?
B: No, I have not got a television set
10. Kai is not at home very much. He ____________(go) away a lot
11. I ________(try) to find a job at the moment. It is very difficult.
12. I am tired this morning. I ___________(not/sleep) very well last night.

1. I am not watching
2. fell, was reading
3. is playing
4. gave
5. does not like
6. did your parents go
7. Saw. She was driving
8. were you doing
9. Do you watch
10. Goes
11. I’m trying
12. did not sleep


3 respons untuk ‘Latihan soal dan jawaban:Tenses

  1. nabilah November 4, 2014 / 11:21 pm

    no 8 kenapa did you do ? bukan kah seharusnya what were you doing ? bukankah itu bentuk past continous tense ?

    • iendah lestari Maret 22, 2015 / 5:48 am

      Thanks koreksinya.

  2. yaqin April 22, 2015 / 1:06 pm

    minta izin untuk copy ya

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