latihan soal dan jawaban comparative degree

Complete the sentences. Use a comparative!
1. Luhan’s car is not very big. He wants a bigger one.
2. My job is not very interesting. I want to do something more interesting.
3. You are not very tall. Your brother is __________
4. Austin doesn’t work very hard. I work _________
5. My bed is not very comfortable. Yours is _______
6. Your plan is not very good. My plan is _________
7. These flowers are not very nice. The blue ones are ________
8. My bag is not very heavy. Your bag is _______
9. I am not interested in art. I am ________________in history
10. This knife is not very sharp. Have you got a ___________one?
11. People today are not very polite. In the past were_________.
12. These tometoes do not taste very good. The others ones tasted_____
13. Britain is not very big. France is _________________.
14. It is not warm today. It was ________________yesterday.
15. London is not very beautiful. Paris is ________________.

1. Bigger
2. More interesting
3. Taller
4. Harder
5. More comfortable
6. Better
7. Nicer
8. Heavier
9. More interested
10. Sharper
11. More polite
12. Better
13. Bigger
14. Warmer
15. More beautiful


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