learn bahasa : how to greet Indonesian!

Assalamu alaikum, Hi everyone!
If you want to learn Indonesian language. Then, I will give you some words in bahasa (indonesian language) that is used to chat or communicate with indonesian. First, we are going to learn how to greet Indonesian :
Greetings : Bahasa : Respond

Assalamu’alaikum : Wa’alaikum salam

Good morning : Selamat Pagi : Selamat Pagi

Good afternoon : Selamat Siang : Selamat Siang

Good evening : Selamat Sore : Selamat Sore

Good Night : Selamat malam : Selamat malam

How are you? : Apa Kabar ? : Baik. Anda? (Fine, you?) Saya baik juga ( I’m Fine too)

Thank you : Terima kasih

You’re welcome : Sama Sama/Kembali

Nice to meet you : Senang bertemu dengan Anda/kamu

You know, We- mostly Indonesians are Moslem. So, in our daily lives when we meet each other both in formal or informal event, we say “Asslamu’alaikum”. Actually, that word usually used between moslem people. But, then as time goes by, indonesian people even they are moslem or not, even foreigners they greet “Asslamu alaikum”. When someone says, “Assalamu alaikum. We just response “wa’alaikum salam.”

Then, you can just say “Selamat Pagi”, “ Selamat siang” etc.. that’s okay. Although,Most people in Indonesian are Moslem, we know that we live in multicultural situation. I- personally pround of it.you know, there are many races here, and 5 religions at-least here. So, We use “Selamat Pagi, Selamat Siang etc” those words are more neutral to use in various events.

Next, i will tell you how to use this word “ you- that means “Anda” in Bahasa. Usually, we use “Anda” in formal events, and when we talk to elder people or someone who have higher status than us such, as teacher, police, President, doctor, etc- people that we respect. We use “kamu” that is means “you” in informal events, like when we chat to someone who we know well- friends. Then, we use “kamu” to someone who have same ages or younger than us.

That is all, I can tell now. I wait for your advice or may be you want to ask some questions about how to learn bahasa. Just feel free to comment on this blog. I hope it can help you to learn bahasa well. I realized that I also have to improve my english, my english is still raw -i know. Maybe, we can share our knowledges. I promise to make the next posts about how to learn bahasa, soon. See ya!


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