Soal : Adjective clause

Exercise 1( Adjective clause )

Fill in : who, whom, whose, which

  1. That is the girl _____father got an accident last week
  2. Do you know Ali’s box in ___ he put his tools?
  3. To ____did you give the letter yesterday ?
  4. I don’t know ___will be responsible for that.
  5. ____shirt do you think suitable for me, the red one or the blue one?
  6. With ____did you go to Ani’s party yesterday?
  7. ___book is that in the drawer of the table ?
  8. I am not sure from _____the package I got this morning.
  9. ____town is bigger, Semarang or Surabaya?
  10. Those ___come late will be punished?


1. whose

2. which

3. whom

4. who

5. which

6. whom

7. whose

8. whom

9. which

10. who




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