latihan soal dan jawaban personal pronoun: Possesive adjective

Exercise 1
Fill in the blanks with correct Possesive adjective !

1. I am a student. ________school is on Jl. Mawar
2. They live in Semarang. _______house is big and beautiful.
3. Mom loves cookin. _______cake is always delicious
4. Look at the cat ! _____eyes are green
5. Are you new student? Where is _____classroom?
6. Nia has a pencil. _____pencil case is new.
7. They are my parents. _____names are Mr. Adi and Ms Ina
8. Andy has a sister. ____name is Shinta
9. Alvian is at home. He is cleaning _____bedroom
10. Rita has two cousins. ____names Matthew and Shelly

Exercise 1 ( Possesive adjective ):
1. My
2. Their
3. Her
4. It
5. Your
6. Her
7. Their
8. Her
9. His
10. Their

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