Dugderan ; Traditional Culture in Semarang


Dugderan is one of traditional culture in Semarang. It is held to celebrate Ramadhan coming. Before the fasting month starts, Semarang people helds dugderan as the sign of Ramadhan Month. Dugderan usually begins by hitting “ bedug” by Semarang mayor. This event held every year, it present the dugderan-night fair and warak parade.
Dugder word itself comes from ‘dug-dug’,it is sound of bedug and ‘der’ it is sound of cannon. One day before fasting month, Semarang mayor will hit bedug. After the ceremony, it will continue to the carnivals. This procesion starts from Semarang city hall at 12.30 pm to ‘kauman’ mosque accepting kholaqol from the islamic spiritual figure. Then it is brought to Masjid Agung that bedug is hit.
In the evening, there is a night-fair that is usually located near ‘Johar’ market. The night-fair will go on for a week after hitting bedug. There are many traders from various regions that sell various kinds of food, drinks, and children toys which made of clay or toys from bamboo. At dugderan fair, it also has play ground such as Bianglala, Tong setan, Komidi putar, and many more. People come to see the dugderan event with their family to enjoy, since it is held once a year and they do not want to miss it.
After a week of the event, it is closed by warak parade . Warak is an imaginer creature that becomes a mascot of dugderan. Warak is believed to represent various ethnic groups in Semarang. Warak parade shows the creativity of semarang people that participate on that event. They decorate their car become attractive in order to pay attention to the visitors.
Dugderan is the sign of Ramadhan coming. It is the great semarang culture that must be conserved well. It also can attrack many tourists to come to semarang. Then, Semarang people can participate on their local traditional event. Although there are some ethnics in Semarang, they can become unity in dugderan event. It is a good thing to social life in Semarang.

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