Understanding Mobile Phone


Mobile Phone was created by Lars Magnus Ericson in 1910. It is a means of communication. Its function is to make easy communication with the other people in long distance because it is handy. It is brought every where and we can put it in the pocket. As the modern communication gadget, mobile phone is completed with interesting feature such as camera, multimedia player, bluetooth and internet. Now, mobile phone is a common thing, many people have it for its function. It is neede to understand how the mobile phone operates, it also necessary to understand how the mobile phone gives function to people and also how it causes bad effects for everyday life?
Mobile phone ( MP ) is very useful nowadays it has many functions that can hlp people in communication lives. First, we can make a call with others in different place by clicking the number on the phone in a minute. Beside it can make a call, it also can send text message. Mobile phone is handy, we can put in ourbag or pocket. Mobile phone is the effective way to transfer information with each other. We can keep in contact with our parents, friends and our beloved one.
People may find difficulties to operate a MP. It may occur when we buy a great MP with a complete feature. The first thing that we need to do is we can open the manual books that is given for user first. The basic thing is mobile phone is used to make a call and send a message. In general, while we want to make a call , just dial by pressing the number and pressing the call button.Then, if we want to text a message, just write them in Message menu then click “ Create new message”. If you have write down your text you can insert the receiver number and click send. It is easy, isn’t it ?
However, there are also bad effect that is caused by MP. In some cases, People use MP while driving and walking. It may bring danger or accidents. Then, For students who use MP and bring it to school can be faced with too many temptations that interfere the scholing. In addition, the worst thing is people may cause cancer of the ear or brain tumour. The more individuals use MP, the greater the risk of brain tumour.
MP is a must thing for people in nowadays. We can get many advantages of it. We can make a call and send a text with others in a second efficiently. We do not have to write a letter and wait for several days to get information. That is why people must knoe how to operate it, since it is very needed and easy to use. However, MP also has disadvantages in our lives. Well, there is no such a perfect thing in this world, All we need to do is not too much in anything.

Oktober 2011. Disarikan dari berbagi sumber( from various source).
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