Television effects on children


Nowadays children spend a lot of time in front of TV. It becomes major effect on children. They watch TV an average of three or four hours a day. By the time of holiday, they will spend more time watching television than they have in classroom . It is scary to know that children in their best age may absorb much information fast. We consider that television is not only give appropriate information but also it can be inappropriate for them. Then, Television has both a negative and positive effects on children.

Considering that children spend more time  on watching television than any other daily activities, it is not suprising that it carries an impact on their behaviour. They may imitate what they watch  on TV. They will behave what they learn on TV. Unfortunately, not everything that they watch is appropriate for them. If they watch cartoons with sarcastic words, they will imitate what they hear. No wonder, we may find children imitate how spongebob and friends are laugh and talk.

Second, children those who spend more time  on watching TV may not move their body much. It is not good for their health. We may find children grow fast and fat. While they watch TV, they eat some snacks. Then, watching television too much is also bad for their eyes. They focus their eyes too long and it becomes eyestrain. Consequently, today we can see children have problem with their vision and make them wear glasses.

Due to the fact that there is  a lot of negative effects on TV, children should have restrictions for what they watch or at least they have to be monitored while watching television. If they still continue that habit, there will be no good things for them. They will be passive children with no social interactions with their friends or surroundings. They will be quiter and will not have much confidence to talk in front of the class.

As we can see, Television plays a big role in our daily life. Although, it carries a lot of negative effects on children but it also has positive effects. Some of Programs  for children like “ Sesame street, Dora the explorer” are good for them. They shows the children how to count, how to spell words which is important for their development.

To sum up, television has both negative and positive effects for children. We agree that watching television too much is not good impact for children. They will imitate what they watch and learn how to behave in lives. Then, They may grow fat  and get eyestrain. However, television program also has positive effects where they can learn how words are constructed and get many educations from TV.


*Disarikan dari berbagai sumber ( from various source)


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